U.S. Embassy Hosts Roadha Veellun in Maldives

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Release No. 05132019

May 13, 2019: U.S. Ambassador Alaina Teplitz led a delegation from the U.S. Embassy to
host Maldivian government officials, civil society leaders, and media representatives for
a RoadhaVeellun last night. This annual event underscores the growing partnership between
Maldives and the United States.

In her remarks, Ambassador Teplitz welcomed the guests and recognized recent positive changes
in Maldives. She highlighted U.S.- Maldives partnerships on a variety of issues including public
financial management, good governance, security, and in strengthening civil society. “Having
this Roadha Veellun with you is a chance for the United States to reaffirm our relationship with
Maldives, a bilateral partnership which has never been stronger,” said Ambassador Teplitz.

Press Release-05132019- Dhivehi (PDF 715 KB)