Statement by Secretary Michael R. Pompeo on U.S. Intent to Open an Embassy in Maldives 

October 28, 2020

I am pleased to announce that the United States intends to open an Embassy in Maldives with a resident U.S. Ambassador, reflecting the continued growth of the U.S.-Maldives relationship and underscoring the United States’ unshakeable commitment to Maldives and the Indo-Pacific region.  In the decades since the United States and Maldives first established diplomatic ties in 1966, our countries have expanded cooperation on issues ranging from strengthening maritime security in the Indo-Pacific, to incentivizing the private sector, and countering terrorism.  With support from the United States, Maldives has made tremendous progress in recent years to support democratic institutions and foster a free and open society for the benefit of all its citizens. 

Our decision to open an Embassy in Maldives is a welcome milestone in our relationship and we look forward to strengthened cooperation between our countries in the years to come.